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life is to live not simply to endure

 In my self imposed exile I have come full circle in realizing the things from which I have run are the same things that have formed me into who I am.  Exposure to the shadow is also exposure to the light that bears its name calling forth from my soul a passion for life; the Creator, the created, and that which we can each create as we journey together leaving footprints for those who come behind.

Beginning today into all my tomorrows I will step a little harder, plow a little deeper leaving my footprints in full view for if only one other finds them to follow and traversing the dark valleys undaunted, arrives to see the breathtaking view the summit reveals then my love for beauty sought and shared becomes like an eternal river.  

As I am becoming...I am.

I have determined to give theatre to my souls expression without judgment understanding that she dwells in time eternal where past, present, and future are at once.  That without the lure of death the enchantment of life would pale and the wonder of it would be lost.  I seek to dance with my own shadows and pronounce that which I am through art, literature, music, and poetry.  Original work as I learn to articulate my own ability to create intermixed with the works of others whose ‘footprints’ I have followed along the way.  I thank God for those footprints.

'Woman of Mystery' (c) 1997


Please take a moment to sign my guestbook and leave your footprint on my own as we travel together this journey called life.

Many Blessings to you and to those you love. 


"As a man thinks in his heart, so he is" (Proverbs 23:7)


Because time refuses to stand still for anyone, save the Creator, I typically work from photographs when I paint.  As I was 'gearing up' to begin painting again after many long years of absence I realized that summer was coming to an end. Camera in hand, I burst outdoors snapping madly my flowers before all had lost their blooms.  The vibrant warm colors of autumn lured me to take shots of mountains, barns, and fields.  Portraits of single leaves seemingly ‘hand painted’ themselves.   I am still amazed that they all came from the same tree!  I pause to wonder (and take more photos) at the quiet beauty and purity of a blanket of white as we received our first snowfall in late November.  I have followed sunsets, butterflies and snails to get that ‘perfect’ shot that shows not only that which my eyes perceive but also those things that my soul recognizes as having an innate beauty all its own…from nature to the inanimate objects.  I am forever in pursuit of photos that will portray the glowing moon for I do adore her.


Dare to envision yourself where you want to be and then execute the measures to take you there whether they be small and tenative steps or grand leaps!

Thank you so much for visiting.  I hope you enjoyed your visit as much as I enjoyed putting it together to share with you!  If you find a problem on my site please email me and let me know. 
"The Most Common Form Of Despair Is Not Being Who You Are."
         ~Soren Kirkegaard~