Original Watercolor's

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I am stunned to realize that I have gone so long without painting when it is one of my passions!  I  did find these photos from a multitude of watercolors I painted between 1992-1998.  I haven't put brush to paper before or since then.  but soon I will begin displaying the new 'collections' as my imagination conceives them and I lovingly but with some trepidation lay fingers again to my beloved brushes.  My dream is that by blending talent with passion and adding in some hard work, determination, self discipline, positive thinking and God’s grace I will soon be marketing signed limited editions not only of my watercolors but also some of the unique items that I have designed and enjoy making from items that were once considered to be ‘useless old junk’ functional art, furniture, screens and more.  I will add a page to showcase these once the before and after photos are in order.

Bride and Groom (c) 1998

Egyptian Collection (c) 1998

Servant and King (c)1998

Woman at Wall (c)1992

Queen (c) 1998

A Tired Man (c) 1992

My Friends Home (c) 1992

Fisherman Brother (c) 1992

Cat in Window (c)1992

My 'Baby'-Granny's Porch (c) 1995

Friends in Garden (c) 1992

Moonlight Mission (c) 1992

Shadow Cat (c) 1992

Coming Soon

Clown Dog (c) 1995

Coming Soon Clown 2

Coming Soon Clown 3

Coming Soon Clown 4

Oregon Coast (c) 1998