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My Vision


What I hope for and plan on is to invite other people, you, your friends to submit to me your poetry, short stories, photography, and/or artwork along with a brief introduction of who you are.  When chosen (this dependant upon how many submissions I get and how often I get them) I will dedicate a page or two on my website to you and your work as Singular Artistry's "Featured Artist, Poet, Writer of the Month".  If you have a website already I will 'introduce' you briefly here and provide a link to your site. 

December 2006 Featured Works by Jennifer

My name is Jennifer, I live in the Pacific Northwest.  I began taking photographs of things with the idea that I would later be able to use them to paint.  What blossomed from that was a new passion for the art of photography itself.  And although at some point I will still use many of my photo's to inspire me when I lay my brushes to paper once again, I have been having an incredible amount of fun taking photos, editing them, and organizing them into stills and slide shows.  Enjoy!